Wed, 21 March 2018
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Sun, 27 October 2013 03:14:37

China The Green Revolution Arrives

China has changed course and announced an ambitious new plan to push sustainable energy. The initiative by Li Keqiang's government signals a turning point in the country's approach to the environment -- and could mean big business for Germany.  This August, China's leaders withdrew to Beidaihe, a bathing resort on the Bohai Sea where they have gone to calmly debate issues of power and personnel since the days of Mao. Politics, or so it seemed, had gone on a summer holiday. ..


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Fri, 25 October 2013 01:23:08

IKEA Shelters House Refugees

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has sent self-assembly huts to the savanna of Ethiopia to house Somali refugees. If the test case proves successful, they soon could be used as alternatives to tents in other parts of the world. The howling wind is always the first thing that Sayunda Hassan Ibrahim hears when she wakes up in the morning. The constant buffeting makes the walls shake, but something has been different for the past three weeks. Although Sayunda still hears the wind, she doesn't not..


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Fri, 25 October 2013 01:20:41

Luxembourg at crossroads over financial model

Well-heeled Luxembourg, seen as the wealthiest European Union nation per capita, is desperately seeking a new economic model as it prepares to shed banking secrecy. As the world's 13th biggest financial centre and the second international investment hub after the United States, Luxembourg harvested almost half of its fiscal revenue from the financial sector before the crisis hit in 2008. Now its banks are seeking to discard the image of Luxembourg as an offshore financial haven or sanctuary f..


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Thu, 24 October 2013 00:17:16

Boy, 13, fatally shot by police holding toy rifle

Two sheriff’s deputies in Northern California shot and killed 13-year-old boy who they thought was carrying an assault rifle, only to find out that the gun the teen was holding was a toy, police and family members have said. The officers, on patrol Tuesday in Sonoma County, reported seeing the boy carrying what appeared to be a black AK-47, reports the AP. A photo made public after the tragedy show a toy weapon with a black magazine cartridge and brown butt.  Sheriff’..


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