Fri, 16 March 2018
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Thu, 10 November 2011 03:36:43

Dare To Start With Zero

Increasing Your Revenues via Social Media - The primary goal of any business is to make money. This generally means selling more goods or services to a growing customer base.Selling, advertising and promoting what your business does is crucial to your success and you'll find hundreds of helpful hints, tactical tidbits and expert advice in these areas. Making money online also depends on creating innovative products or offering compelling services that solve new problems or old problems i..


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Fri, 04 November 2011 04:21:42

More US firms transfer IT operations offshore

The debt crisis uncertainty has all the more heightened the urgency among US companies to transfer offshore soon some operations, especially in running their information technology requirements.Following some ethical issues and personnel attrition problems over the past two years in India, these American companies have increasingly been sending IT work to hubs in Southeast Asia, more particularly in central Philippines...


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Fri, 04 November 2011 04:12:35

AAACBC Offers Cost-Efficient SME Website Design SEO And SMO Services

Chicago IL -- The Internet has become a core resource in maximizing the exposure of almost any business. Big brands know this well, and most large companies spend top dollar to acquire the top web designers in the field. However for most small to medium sized businesses, pinpointing a cost-efficient web designer is difficult.Many entrepreneurs and SME owners alike seek a custom website at a reasonable cost. The crux is attaining an attractive and effective website without compromising usability ..


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