Thu, 19 July 2018
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Sat, 24 August 2013 06:13:57

What They Won't Show on the Discovery Channel - Media Conspiracy

Well, a lot of people don’t believe a word they hear from some of these multi-billion dollar organizations and who can blame them? Funded by governments and the world of commerce with a desperate need to earn more and more for their share-holders, it is highly likely that not all the truth is revealed, even though they might know it. This is the very reason that film companies such as Reality Films are doing so well. It’s because there is that suspicion within many that there’s..


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Fri, 09 August 2013 21:11:36

Crack Monsters Documentary Exposes Life on Crack

A powerful new documentary is coming in September 2013, from an award winning filmmaker, which will be released nationwide, to call attention to the Crack Cocaine drug epidemic in Louisiana.The film Crack Monsters (, which is directed by Akeem TheDream, is a documentary about people who feel the need to smoke Crack Cocaine. Many are addicted from first time use. Some users never break free from the habit and stay addicted for life.The director is looking forward to raise th..


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Tue, 30 July 2013 23:32:59


“Video killed the radio star.” The lyrics of the Buggles’ 1979 classic new wave song gets a whole new meaning with the Synced - For Life app. Using this iPhone app, users can make their own music videos, singing along with their favorite tunes. “I wanted to create an app that people could use to dance to, sing to and share with their friends. When I created Synced-For Life, it ended up being exactly what I wanted.” – Tyrell Ferguson, creator, Synced - For Lif..


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Wed, 17 July 2013 15:31:44


Displaced from reality after a near-fatal accident, Ethan Galloway (portrayed by Justice Leak of “The Great Debaters”) struggles with what is real and what isn’t after his brilliant neurologist father (played by Robert Pralgo of “The Blind Side”) uses an experimental medical procedure to save his son’s life.  Ethan doesn’t remember the procedure, but as his disjointed and bewildering memories come tumbling back, he begins to desperately&n..


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