Thu, 19 July 2018
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Sun, 21 April 2013 17:22:32

Baby Boom + Fast Food = Dementia Boom

The rise in Alzheimer’s is partly due to the aging of baby boomers. But there is another reason. When these senior citizens were teenyboppers, the fast-food craze was just taking off: The first KFC franchise opened in 1952, the first Burger King in 1954, and the first McDonald’s and Dunkin’s Donuts in 1955. As these foods caught on, America’s meat and cheese intake soared. Today’s dementia boom can be attributed to the saturated fats and trans fats that began ..


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Tue, 16 April 2013 23:25:30

Awful Effects and Conditions of Obesity

Obesity has become a major problem in the world. Many people are struggling with their weight problems and try to find ways to prevent them. There are so many influences of obesity on people lives but 3 of them come into prominences: physical effect, mental effect and social effect. Deterioration of physical conditions such as heart disease and cancer result in obesity. Firstly, cancer is a important problem for obese people. Obese people have malnutrition so a changing environment has broadene..


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Tue, 16 April 2013 19:38:36

How Juicing Can Help Anyone With A Healthier Diet

Juicing provides many health benefits to people. By juicing foods, people can get a full serving of fruits and vegetables in something as small as a glass. Juicing not only fulfills this food necessity, but also includes all of the vitamins that are normally discarded with food waste. For more tips on juicing, continue reading this article.When it comes to juicing, one thing that you want to keep in mind is the fact that the type of juicer that you will want to avoid are the centrifugal juice..


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Sun, 07 April 2013 18:24:23

The Big Fat Truth about Obesity in the Philippines

Modern living brings about a lot of conveniences. Are you Hungry? Why cook when you can drop by a fast food chain?  Need to go somewhere?  Why walk when you can take a cab?  However, this kind of lifestyle is one of the many factors affecting obesity in the Philippines today. According to the World Health Organization, obesity kills 2.8 million people worldwide. In the Philippines, it accounts for 37,000 deaths annually. The Food and Nutrition Research Institute of..


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