Sun, 23 September 2018
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Fri, 03 November 2017 17:01:57

Pickens Construction Inc. Improves Website With More Services' Pages And Engaging Video Section

The asphalt and concrete paving specialist Pickens Construction has continued to improve its feature-rich website by adding new webpages, a video section, and a bunch of new articles in its "Blog."

Pickens Construction Inc. is a certified Class A construction company licensed by the Contractors State License Boards (CSLBs) of South Carolina and Georgia to offer professional services in the two states. The tech-oriented company is popular in the internet community and the latest improvements on its website are expected to draw even bigger crowds to its online hub.

Since it was founded in 1945 in its hometown of Anderson, the family-managed Pickens Construction has grown from a fledgling storefront to a tread-setting online practice. The company refurbished its website a few months ago to enhance its ambience and make its interface more user-friendly. Now there are all kinds of helpful features and tools on the newly launched hub.

Starting with the homepage, users are welcomed by a tasteful slideshow featuring glossy high resolution photos of the company's employees hard at work in various locations. Scrolling down the page there is a captivating bio narrating the firm's humble beginnings some 70+ years ago. Further down there is a responsive photo display, again in hi-res, showing the company's meticulous projects in various renowned locations. The page ends with the company's contact information next to the official logos of Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC) and the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), indicating unsurprisingly that Pickens Construction is a member of the two prestigious building and construction organizations.

Among the newest additions are individual webpages for "Milling," "Commercial and Industrial," "Crushing," and "Road Construction," all accessible under the "Our Services" tab. All the new pages list a wide range of specialist construction services, which are all offered by Pickens Construction. There are also some brief but detailed descriptions of the nature of the services and a promise of high quality service delivery.

The newly launched "Blog" seems to be growing by the day and it is now brimming with construction articles offering a treasure trove of knowledge. The latest addition is a "Video" section for posting/uploading audiovisual content. Although there is only one or two videos at the moment, users can expect more in a very short while, considering the rapid rate in which the blog is growing. Plus the featured clips are all in crystal-clear Full HD and there are several social media sharing options including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, and many more. Users can even save the video for later viewing. They can be followed at


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