Tue, 21 November 2017
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Sun, 12 November 2017 23:52:40

Bruce Piling Equipment CO. LTD., On A Global Mission To Produce Better Results For Construction

The BRUCE Piling Equipment Co. Ltd., is enjoying an international boom, as their range of pile driving equipment is put to work in a record number of countries around the world.

Part of the Shinsegae Powerquip parent company, BRUCE is fast becoming one of the leading manufacturing and supply companies in the field of foundation work, established to provide ‘Better Results Using this Construction Equipment’.

The wide range of robust and reliable machines are now hard at work across the United States, Europe, Middle East and Russia, assisting with projects including bridge construction, harbor construction, and large building construction. Project managers around the world continue to face tight deadlines and budgets, and as such, the BRUCE Piling Equipment Co. Ltd., has become something of a ‘reliable business partner’.

The most popular machines include the BRUCE Vibro Hammer, adapted for most top brand components including motors, bearings, and engines, in addition to high tensile alloy steel casting of clamps.

The BRUCE Hydraulic Impact Hammer is a global leader in the field of foundation construction too, regarded by many as the most efficient, reliable and versatile hammer on the market.

Other machines currently in global use include the BRUCE Hydraulic Pile Hammer, the BRUCE Excavator Mounted Piling Ring, and the BRUCE Rotary Drilling Head. A number of supporting piling accessories are also supplied.

The simplistic yet effective design of the BRUCE machines has earned widespread praise from the construction industry, and the company’s engineering and maintenance team ensure the longevity of each machine. The Korean firm has also received recognition for its high level of customer service and support.

“We are delighted with the response from the global construction community” says Mr. James Y.S. Yoo, CEO & President of the BRUCE Piling Equipment Co., Ltd.

“We are constantly developing and improving our BRUCE machines to meet the changing needs of our customer’s variable projects, and to deliver global projects within time and budget constraints” he adds.

All machines are fully compliant, carrying the ISO9001 certification.

TO get more information on the best Pile Driving Equipment & Piling Equipment from BRUCE visit www.powerquip.co.kr/products/pile-driving-equipment.html 


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