Sat, 17 March 2018
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Mon, 26 February 2018 17:27:05

Stayia Farm launches of new product line that combines Honey and Cocoa

Leading organic Greek honey supplier, Stayia Farm, launches new product line - the Bee Bros, a perfect combination of Honey and Cocoa

Stayia Farm is one of the leading suppliers of organic Greek honey, offering a wide range of organic products made from organic honey. The company recently announced the launch of its new latest product – the Bee Bros, a perfect combination of Honey and Cocoa, two superfoods that are popular for their health benefits.

Honey and Cocoa are two popular foods that have remained beneficial to the human race for years. However, the lack of quality and natural products has made it difficult for many people to harness the health benefits of these two superfoods. This is where Stayia Farm and the recent product launch are particularly unique and helpful.

The Bee Bros Honey with Cocoa, otherwise known as the Bee Brothers is a combination of Honey and Cocoa, offering lovers of organic foods the unique health benefits of these superfoods, without taking away the unique taste of both foods.

With intense flavour and rich texture, The Bee Bros Honey with Cocoa provides a superior alternative to the many chocolate and chocolate spreads that are laden with harmful ingredients and chemicals.

The Bee Bros Honey with Cocoa is particularly great for children, with the delicious spread of pure honey, cocoa and fruit free from gluten, sugar, nuts, palm oil or preservatives.

The product is available in three different flavours – Honey with Cocoa, Honey with Cocoa and Strawberry, and Honey with Cocoa and Banana, ensuring that everyone has a flavour that suits their taste and preference.

More information about Bee Bros Honey and other products from Stayia Farm can be found on Facebook


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