Sat, 17 March 2018
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Fri, 09 March 2018 17:33:41

A new digital currency coin, Crescent Donation Coin (CDC) combined with real tangible card ready to be released

Over the past 12-months, the Bitcoin price has rocketed up over a 1000%.

As a result, speculative investors have scrambled to buy the digital currency, in expectation of even further price gains. There is just one problem.

Despite the excitement surrounding the current Bitcoin price, Bitcoin and other blockchain applications and currencies, simply aren’t ready for real-world retail rollout. Because of this, new digital currency offerings like Crescent Donation Coin (CDC), are starting what is essentially a 4th wave digital currency revolution.

Crescent Donation Coin as Singapore’s Most Promising New ICO

Located in Singapore, Crescent Donation Coin PTE. LTD. is pairing real-world consumer interest in cryptocurrency, with real Singaporean consumer spending power. This is because Crescent Donation Coin (CDC) isn’t just a new form of solely digital currency.

Unlike other digital currency offerings like Bitcoin which need to be paired with high-fee retail debit cards, CDC is a digital currency designed to be transacted just as conveniently as any other fiat currency.

Braincore IT Innovation Paired with Easy Retail Payment Technology

By working closely with Korean transportation card and fintech company Braincore IT, the Crescent Donation Coin team has created a digital currency which is paired directly with what is essentially a regular bank card.

CDC cards aren’t pre-funded with CDC digital currency like Bitcoin and Litecoin prepaid debit cards. Instead, CDC cards are linked directly to CDC cryptocurrency balances just like regular fiat currency balances.

CDC is the First Cryptocurrency Which Can be Directly Linked to the Real Singaporean Economy

Because CDC digital currency cards can be used just as easily offline as they can be online, CDC represents the first digital currency designed for real-world retail. Much more importantly, real-world businesses are already backing CDC as a result.

In China, online retailer Okomart has already taken interest in CDC. In like regard, CDC has already found favor with the World Art Bank of Korea's Art Registration Association.

The CDC Roadmap & ICO

In February 2018, Crescent Donation Coin successfully released version 1.0 of the CDC whitepaper . This has been followed by CDC starting to successfully build strategic partnerships with key marketing partners and payment merchants. As a result, CDC started launching pre-sale of CDC coins as part of the currency’s upcoming ICO this April. 


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