Wed, 23 January 2019
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Alleviate Muscle & Back Pain Headaches & Anxiety With This Hamilton NZ Flinchlock & Pressure Release Expert

Aaron Ellis of ConTact CARE Waikato has announced he can help clients around Hamilton, NZ, to overcome joint and muscular pain. Anyone dealing with headaches, migraines, depression, and postural problems can get in touch for expert help.

Aaron Ellis, the specialist behind ConTact CARE Waikato, has announced he can help clients overcome joint pain and muscular pain with his unique system for locating and releasing pressure. He can treat anything a physio can, with a much gentler, painless approach.

More information can be found at:

Anyone suffering from joint pain in Hamilton, New Zealand and the surrounding suburbs from Aberdeen and Ashmore to Western Heights can get in touch for high quality care.

Aaron explains that surprise impacts can permanently distort the body's balance, which then creates an array of potential physical, mental and emotional problems. These can arise the moment the impact happens, and often last for years down the line without the right correction.

With ConTact CARE, Aaron provides Flinchlock Release, which places patient comfort at the forefront as a top priority. The practitioner deals with trapped bone pressure and helps to relieve pain created by surprise impact events.

When getting Flinchlock Release care, the client remains fully clothed and comfortable throughout the process.

Aaron says that when someone kicks their shin unexpectedly, the body reacts in shock and fear. The force of the event becomes stuck in the bones and imprinted on the periosteum. The bone then becomes 'flinchlocked'.

When the body adjusts to this new situation, the change of pressures created by the impact creates a permanent shortening of everything attached to the impact site. Then the body must work harder in order to go about daily activities, leading to potentially more permanent injuries down the line.

Aaron was a brick layer for nine years, but due to a back injury he gave up the job. He then became a healthcare assistant at Waikato Hospital before pursuing ConTact CARE full time.

Clients around the Hamilton area in need of pain relief can get in touch for reliable, comfortable care and services. Aaron uses a common sense approach to releasing pressure caused by surprise force.

Some of the issues he has helped with include elbow displatia, swollen wrists, frozen shoulders, twisted knees, sports injuries, and more.

Interested parties can find out more on the URL above.


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