Wed, 23 January 2019
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Local Probate Real Estate Specialist Launches New Webinar

7 Ways to Make Money in Probate Real Estate

Monrovia, CA – Local Probate Real Estate specialist Kevin Sayles is a forward thinker. With experience dating back to the early 1990’s in one of the busiest real estate markets in the United States, Sayles could see a trend coming.

Working in the Title Insurance business, Sayles learned that there were often stumbling blocks preventing probate real estate transactions from closing. Being positioned to help real estate agents and investors solve issues and complete transactions, he quickly recognized that the niche was filled with opportunity and would be a growing market for Real Estate professionals.  His hunch has been confirmed as the growing number of transactions and interest in probate real estate begins to climb around the nation.

"Probate real estate is a goldmine of opportunity! The largest transfer of wealth in history is coming like a tidal wave as the Baby boomer generation dies off," the Monrovia-based Probate Real Estate specialist explained.

“Senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic in America. The post-World War II Baby boomers control approximately 67% of all U.S. wealth and they are dying at a rate of 1 every minute. That makes for a lot of property that is changing or about to change hands. For real estate agents and investors, this circumstance creates business opportunities. And this is why I teach and speak about probate real estate at live events and webinars," he stated.

Kevin Sayles is the author of Probate Real Estate Sales 101, available on Amazon.  He trains agents and investors on how to find and work in this growing niche.  Today, with the help of trainers like Sayles and others who are also educating real estate professionals, many more real estate professionals are profitably learning how to work probate real estate transactions. But due to its unique issues, agents and investors alike are often ill- prepared to handle the many nuances that can cancel a probate sale. Through live events and webinars, Sayles educates his audiences on everything related to probate sales from what is a probate sale, to where to find potential deals, to how to prevent issues.

Today, Sayles, has a new webinar offering.  He has recently released a new, on-demand webinar titled 7 Ways to Make Money in Probate Real Estate. He explains, “Most agents know they can buy probate properties at a discount and make money.  Investors know they can buy and flip probate properties. But most people don’t know the other ways to make money with probate properties. In this webinar, Sayles focuses on 7 advanced methods to make money using some of the best kept secrets of the real estate elite.

Participants in the “7 Ways to Make Money in Probate Real Estate”on-demand webinar will also receive the free eBook “7 Ways to Make Money in Probate Real Estate”developed by Sayles. If you are an agent or investor and you are not positioned to take advantage of this golden opportunity, then don’t let it pass you by! You will find strategies to implement immediately so you can take advantage of probate sales opportunities today.

To attend this and other on-demand webinars, visit


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