Wed, 19 December 2018
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Culpeper primed for 'busiest day of the year'

Culpeper, Northern Virginia - - Thanksgiving Day may well be one of the prime party days of the season, but Black Friday is a hangover nightmare for those facing mega-plumbing problems.

So Culpeper Home Services, North Virginia's plumbing solutions leader, is gearing up for what amounts to be their biggest and 'blackest' day of the year - Friday November 23.

Whether it's blocked toilets, clogged drains, leaky taps or more problematicwater leaks, the award-winning plumbers of Culpeper will be on call and ready to react to householders' problems.

"With 20 years' service, we have seen every plumbing problem out there. The novelty in recent times is that all the problems seem to be clustered around Thanksgiving Day and the Black Friday weekend," commented Russell Furr, president of Culpeper Home Services.

"Our engineers and plumbers achieve quick, impressive results, incredible service and quality workmanship to households and businesses that are facing any plumbing problem they face."

Mr Furr explained that Thanksgiving often meant more people staying at homes and, therefore, greater waste, and the potential for bigger-than-average plumbing problems.

"We want all our clients to enjoy the Thanksgiving celebrations and, no doubt, Black Friday, just like our plumbers will with their families.

"But we are also on call to respond to any emergency if that Black Friday turns 'brown' with pipes and drain overflowing with waste."

He urged families to plan smarter for their Thanksgiving holidays, such as preparing the waste disposal properly, deciding on what is best for waste and what isn't, ensuring that all taps, showers and toilets are all in working order, and pre-treating the drains before they bite back and overflow in your home.

Culpeper Home Services is also keen on a pre-emptive strike against any plumbing issues, offering a preventive maintenance spot-check in the run-up to Thanksgiving Day.

"Why wait it out when all you'll be doing when you find a leak is waiting for someone like us to attend to the problem?" offered Mr Furr.

"The less drama on Thanksgiving or Black Friday means more time with the family and enjoying the holiday in peace."

No matter how small or big your plumbing problem, Culpeper Home Services are ready and waiting on your call. For more information contact them by phone or email them.


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