How To Choose The Proper Tires For Your New Hybrid Car

You've decided to defy convention and get yourself a hybrid car. But don't think that the only advantage associated with such a decision is the ability to help keep the environment clean. While it is true hybrid cars are excellent for such things, they also provide another benefit; low-rolling resistance tires. What are low-rolling resistance tires? This is a type of tire that refers to the manner in which the tire rolls. In comparison to traditional tires, low-rolling tires roll with greater ease. This allows the tire to function with minimal amounts of energy. The result is greater overall tire life as well as better traction, especially for drivers that tend to be slower and more cautious on the road.

How do manufacturers go about designing the perfect low-rolling resistance tire? Well, first they look into the best methods of designing the general tread. This process not only helps in maximizing the potential of this type of tire, but it can also help establish the company's brand, since each manufacturer will use a different tread. After that, manufacturers look into what materials they are going to use. Usually, the best ones will be those that are light yet strong. This combination allows the tire to run without one worrying too much about the air pressure from within them. In fact, low-rolling resistance tires can go for up to 50 miles without a change in their initial air pressure. When you have these high performance tires, you can forget having to deal with jacks or other tire-changing tools, since these types of tires don't get flat as easily.

Additionally, low-rolling resistance tires can help you save on your gas bill. This is because they increase the overall efficiency of your vehicle, including how it runs. And when there's a smoother run, less fuel is needed to keep the vehicle operating. In fact, low-rolling resistance tires are so useful in helping to conserve gas most consumers will save as much as 6 percent in gas-related expenses. Indeed, any extra money that may have to be spent to obtain these tires will be gotten back ten-fold when it's time to refuel the car.

Yet, despite all of these tremendous advantages, low-rolling resistance tires won't be for everyone. For example, although there are many that prefer the feel they offer, there are some that think it hinders them from being able to drive faster. So, drivers that like to speed up at every opportunity may want to consider either changing their driving style or investing in another type of tires.

However, it should be noted where there might come a time where all tires work in the same manner as low-rolling resistance ones. For example, consider recent legislation in California, where replacement tires must work in a manner that is as efficient as tires on newer vehicles. And, at least for that state, many of these new tires are of the variety we are speaking of here. So, there's an unspoken yet clearly communicated incentive to try and slowly but surely get people more used to low-rolling resistance tire technology.


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